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Intuitive Communication with Animals

We sure do love our pets. They are often our best friend, providing companionship, unconditional love, and emotional support. Yet there are times that I would like to understand what my dog is thinking. I will talk to her, her name is Tawni, and she will nod her head side to side. I am sure she senses a lot more than I am aware of. What I am learning is that instead of talking to her, I can send her mental pictures. Human-animal communication goes beyond the spoken word.

Wouldn’t you love to have a more direct connection with your pet? What if you could simply ask them what was wrong, where they hurt, how they felt, why they behaved the way they did? How would knowing that change your life? Help your pet?

Suzan Vaughn holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Communication. She is an animal communicator. She suggests the following way to communicate with your pet.

  1. First step to communicate with your pet, is to begin with a meditation.

  2. Telepathically say your pet’s name, to get their attention. Also visualize your pet as you say their name. A common definition of telepathy is the ability to see what is in someone else's mind, to feel their emotional feelings, or to communicate with them mentally, without using words or other physical signals.

  3. Send a picture of your pet’s body, along with their name.

  4. Ask what you can do for your pet, then imagine your pet sending back an answer through a picture, thought, sound, smell or feeling. Accept what you receive.

  5. Acknowledge the answer, whatever you are receiving.

  6. Thank your pet for communicating.

  7. Trust your imagination, don’t try and analyze.

"Animals have senses that transcend our five and it is within this realm that true communication with all life occurs.” Martin Goldstein, D.V.M., holistic veterinarian and author of The Nature of Animal Healing.

The following is a story of a very special therapist. His name is Peyo and he is a fourteen year old stallion. This horse has an incredible aptitude for humans, especially ones who are sick. Twice a month he goes with his handler to hospitals and nursing homes. Peyo decides who he wants to visit. He walks in a room, bows his head, and through his eyes looks compassionately at the person. He boosts morale and brings smiles to the faces of suffering patients. He intuitively provides emotional comfort. You can look up Peyo on YouTube.

People of indigenous cultures see intuitive communication as normal. They view animals, plants, and the Earth as relations. Every form of life has feelings, intelligence, a spirit, and the ability to communicate. If we choose to survive on this planet, we need to relearn how to communicate in partnership with all of Nature.

Rev. Suzanne, a resident of SaddleBrooke is an independent writer and speaker. She was ordained non-denominational in 1988, representing all faiths, her focus is “inclusive.”

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