Meet Our Board

Your board members have identified and reorganized their mission over these past years; updating the bylaws, web site, programs and meeting schedule.  They were drawn to Saddlebrooke because of its community of open-minded and warm-hearted individuals like this group. We appreciate your support of these hard-working volunteers as they continue to build on the strong and beautiful foundation that was set before them. 

Karen Callan, President

Karen is a spiritual psychic medium, counselor and mentor. Her ability to go deep and "see" love in all things helps her connect to people in a supportive and uplifting way. She has taught workshops and retreats on many topics including angels, guides, signs, "the work," yoga, meditation and more. She and her husband, Kelly, have lived here for 3 years and love to play pop tennis, games, walk, and swim. 

Linda Dighton, Vice-President

Linda and her husband, Randall, moved to Oro Valley and then to Saddlebrooke in December 2019 after they lost their home in the Camp Fire in Paradise, Ca. Linda received her BA in Humanities with a focus on philosophy and religion, and made her career as a Disability Claims Representative with Social Security. She is looking forward to exploring the mysteries of life with the Metaphysical Group.


Anne Grant, Secretary

Anne is a passionate “Heartist“ who relishes placing love and kindness in the driver’s seat. A retired teacher and massage therapist, Anne’s interests in metaphysics traverse many topics. She enjoys giving Reiki, doing Energy Healing work, and going on shamanic journeys. Some of her interests include: singing, writing (poetry), storytelling, doing improvisational theater, and gardening. Her smile and "true gift of self"are the first thing you encounter when meeting her. 

Jennifer Stephens, Treasurer

Jennifer has lived in Saddlebrooke for 20 years and enjoys dancing, theatre, pop tennis, playing games and traveling. Her great sense of humor and ease in communicating with others has brought her many friends in our community. Jennifer is a part of the meditation group and has a special connection with her angels and guides. who never lead her astray. 


Sara Bourland, Engagement Coordinator

Sara moved to Saddlebrooke a few years ago with her husband and is a 30 year astrologer and silversmith. She was attracted to Saddlebrooke because of this metaphysical group and immediately offered to help keep it going. Her spirit and style is so welcoming and supportive.  Her thoughtful way of supporting and teaching are immediately obvious when learning with her.

Media / Publicity Coordinator Position Available