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Meet Our Board

We appreciate your support of these hard-working volunteers as they continue to build on the strong and beautiful foundation that was set before them. 

Joann Porter, President

Joann and husband, Don retired to Saddle Brooke in 2003 after living in Wisconsin and Iowa. They wanted warmer temps and sunshine to enjoy activities and hobbies they had put aside during their working years. Joann soon joined the Ceramics and Genealogy clubs and enjoyed the many miles on Don's motorcycle traveling with new friends around the western states. In 2012, after ignoring a strong intuitive feeling, Joann was in an auto accident. This incident put her on the path to learning and understanding the spiritual side of life. Joann enjoys the Metaphysical Exploration club, the Meditation group, and providing reiki to family and friends.  She is also interested in tarot cards, singing bowls, astrology and all things metaphysical.

Betty Emmons, Vice-President

Betty and her husband, Barry, love Saddlbrooke and it's awesome climate. For over 30 years, Betty has shared the joy of all things metaphysical. Her guidance has led her to do healing angel and reiki sessions which have become transformative for her and others.  As a retired nurse, Betty has been on a helping and healing mission since she can remember. Her other interests include, oracle cards, pendulum, numerology, astrology, crystals, sewing, crafts, jewelry making, and pop tennis.

Diana Sigler, Secretary

Diana Sigler has lived in Saddlebrooke for 25 years. She has had a lifelong interest in matters of the spirit and of the heart. The Metaphysical group was the first organization she connected with when first moving to Saddlebrooke.  She enjoys the people who are drawn to the metaphysical group and their quest for knowledge while remaining open minded and accepting of the beliefs of others, Diana lived in Southern California and worked as a paralegal. Her other interests include writing, gardening and stained glass.

Marie Lopez, Treasurer

Marie hails from Bangor, Maine and has been married to Eddie for 45 years. She’s a 20 year Air Force retired Veteran who held many different jobs/positions.  Her favorites were; Logistics for several different types of aircrafts; Armed Forces European Broadcasting Inspector (Radio/TV) and ending her career as a member of the BRAC Commission (Base Relocation And Closure). Marie had a 20 year career as a Paralegal for a  personal injury law firm specializing in medical malpractice and headed several teams in case law research. Marie retired in 2017, moved to paradise (SaddleBrooke) in 2018 and is living a full life with friends and family.

Melanie Chase, Engagement Coordinator

Melanie Chase is an extroverted group facilitator, educator, and coach, with experience in designing all kinds of high stakes meetings and group learning events across sectors from government, public health, healthcare, nonprofits, more. She believes laughter, collaboration, mutual respect and safety connects groups quickly. Most of her background is in organizational psychology/development, and is working more 1:1 with retreat groups in career/life change resiliency coaching and spiritual direction. A Saddlebrooke homeowner since 2016, she and her husband Dan are transitioning to a simpler life in 2023, looking forward to more fun and community!

Barbara Barr, Media / Publicity Coordinator 

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