Meet Our Board

Your Board members are a newer group of Saddlebrooke residents who were drawn to Saddlebrooke because of its community of open-minded individuals like this group. 

Karen Callan, President

Karen is a spiritual psychic medium, counselor and mentor. Her ability to go deep and "see" love in all things helps her connect to people in a supportive and uplifting way. She has taught workshops and retreats on many topics including angels, guides, signs, "the work," yoga, meditation and more. She and her husband, Kelly, have lived here for 3 years and love to play Pop Tennis, walk, and swim. 

Rhonda Murray, Vice-President

Rhonda and her husband moved to SaddleBrooke 2 years ago and she still works full-time as the HR Director for the local non-profit United Cerebral Palsy of Southern Arizona (UCPSA).  Rhonda attended the Southwestern Institute of Healing Arts where she earned certificates in massage, hypnotherapy and life-coaching.  Rhonda is delighted to meet more SaddleBrooke friends that share her enthusiasm in exploring all things metaphysical. 


Anne Grant, Secretary

Anne is a passionate “Heartist“ who relishes placing love and kindness in the driver’s seat. A retired teacher and massage therapist, Anne’s interests in metaphysics traverse many topics. She enjoys giving Reiki, doing Energy Healing work, and going on shamanic journeys. Some of her interests include: singing, writing (poetry), storytelling, doing improvisational theater, and gardening.

Eileen Sedgwick, Treasurer

Eileen has been a part of this board for 3 years and conscientiously takes care of our monetary needs. She and her husband, Michael, have enjoyed making Saddlebrooke their home. Eileen is a part of the meditation group and her current hobbies are cooking, playing the piano, playing table tennis and painting. 


Sara Bourland, Speaker Liaison

Sara moved to Saddlebrooke a few years ago with her husband and is a 30 year astrologist and silversmith. She was attracted to Saddlebrooke because of this metaphysical group and immediately offered to help keep it going. Her spirit and style is so welcoming and supportive.  

Suzanne Marlatt-Stewart, Facilitator and Publication Coordinator

Suzanne Marlatt Stewart has been a resident of SaddleBrooke for 6 years. She moved from Seattle, Washington. Ordained in 1988, she officiated the weddings for the cruise ships for the port of Seattle. She also worked as an independent contractor for Holland America, teaching art and craft classes on long voyages. She has been on her spiritual journey since the 70's. Currently she is an independent writer and  speaker contributing monthly articles for our SaddleBrooke papers.

Seated left to right:   Anne Grant, Sara Bourland, Suzanne Marlatt-Stewart
   Standing left to right:   Eileen Sedgwick, Karen Callan, Rhonda Murray